Who We Work With

Organizations struggling through scale points:

  • 10 – 20 team members.
  • 50 – 70 team members.
  • 150 + team members.
  • Companies and people that are people and / or purpose driven.

We are inspired by the challenges courageous leaders face when building impactful organizations, attracting talented people, and developing products or services that solve important problems. These leaders know that doing purposeful work and obtaining financial benefits are not mutually exclusive, yet building a successful company is a complex set of choices.

We can measure scale points in lots of ways — team size, revenue, the number of customers, the variety of offers, and any or all of these. We focus on companies and leaders that have made it past the initial hurdle of creating a business and are actively asking themselves: “what’s next for our organization?”

Our clients typically have one or more of the following:

A focus on making a great workplace for their people

When we have a clear and inspiring vision beyond the profit motive, work becomes meaningful and fulfilling. Leaders that bring this into focus as a core part of their development strategy want to work with consultants with a similar view.

Self-organizing / flat / low management

Less management is possible when individuals take responsibility for jointly designed organizational goals and metrics of what success can be. Talented and engaged teams come together to solve big issues when given a chance and appropriate delegation.

Benefit Corporations or Conscious Companies

We are inspired to support companies and people that choose to follow a business strategy that seeks to improve conditions for human beings or the environment, either locally or globally. We contribute to these organizations that are socially responsible with reduced rates or additional projects.

Leaders who are focused on a long-term mission / goal, especially those working on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Favorite groups for us to support include diverse and underrepresented leaders building opportunities for their communities, projects that improve healthcare, projects that create better choices for young people, and products that help build a sustainable environment.

Companies passing through organizational phase change points

There are predictable sizes in an organization's growth where previous communication patterns and other things that used to work stop working. These typically occur as the company moves from 15 > 20 people, from 50 > 70 and > 150. Getting extra help during these phase change moments can pay larger than average dividends.

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