What They Say

“What happens when you’re the boss, and you don’t have all the answers? This is what we were asking ourselves about three years ago. Now we know the answer: hire a business coach! Rebecca Young got right there in the trenches with us – head to head, shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart – and led us, step by step, to the other side of a complex set of challenges and circumstances. Now we – the “bosses” – are clear, restored, energized, and love coming to work every day. We have the right people in the right jobs, doing the right tasks, all working together with shared purpose – like we wished it could be. And our coach is only a phone call away when we need her. She’s like Adjunct Faculty now.”

Owner – Investment Services Firm

“In the past 3 years, our organization had gone through two significant changes. First, we acquired a new line of business that nearly doubled our operations. The challenge was integrating that new business group into our operations and culture, as it was the consolidation of three different companies all doing the same work but in different geographical regions. To manage this new operation, we brought in a new leadership team, whose management approach was very different from its predecessors. The business we acquired was also subject to different government regulations than our core business although many of the processes used are similar and can be consolidated. Both changes brought sizable challenges to our organization operationally and culturally.

In addition, the medical communities we serve consistently put increased pressure on our organization to be extremely efficient to minimize fee increases. Our patients’ lives literally hinge on our ability to execute flawlessly while keeping  cost containment in the forefront. In working with Rebecca Young and her team, we have:

  • Streamlined and consolidated business functions resulting in improved productivity and efficiency
  • Integrated the new division, its processes and its people effectively
  • Kept costs to our clients stable through productivity gains
  • Devised a project management process that has created focus in our high pressure and urgent environment
  • Removed cultural blocks enabling our people to be excited about working together

 “I am extremely pleased with the outcomes we’ve achieved with Rebecca’s coaching and guidance over the past 18 months. She has been a huge asset to our company and to me personally.”

CEO – Healthcare Company

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