Our Vision & Mission

100 million People Flourishing in Collective Willing Interdepent work.

To us, Collective Willing Interdependence means working with autonomy, trust, creativity, respect, passion, and a shared purpose. Flourishing means that their passion and purpose is expressed in the work they do and that they are working in their zone of genius.

We know we are not the first to care about this, and we certainly hope we are not the last. We recognize that we are standing on the shoulders of many, many people that have come before us. Some of whom we know. Many that we sadly do not. In addition to the power of BHAGs, there are many other beliefs that this goal is rooted in.

Reaching this goal seems like it will take many people working many lifetimes to accomplish. So we set this out as an aspirational reach. We believe in the awesome power of Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals (aka BHAGs) to galvanize like-minded people towards something that is bigger than any one individual. It is a pursuit that is intrinsically valuable.

We Believe