Acknowledging and Transforming Power Paradigms in Organizations

Power is an emotive issue in organizations. Individuals who feel disempowered experience frustration and resentment, while those with power often struggle to manage their positional authority. Today, the structures that have traditionally shaped power dynamics in organizations are being challenged by new models of leadership. But what are these emerging forms of leadership? And how do they influence traditional power paradigms?

Radical Responsibility Is Truly a Team Sport

One of the most commonly articulated pitfalls of self- management or self-organising is that when everybody is responsible no one’s responsible – and that couldn’t be further from the truth. What leading together asks of us is not easy and it’s not trivial. It asks us to use our agency not only to make commitments, but to keep commitments and further to that enter into an agreement or a social contract with our colleagues that Invites them to hold us to account.