Our Mission

To help leaders build leaders and good workplaces.

When work is fulfilling, people do better. When people do better, families can thrive, and when families thrive, communities flourish. We focus on making work much better for everyone so the world flourishes.


  • We adapt and lead.
  • We take the long view over the immediate.
  • Our questions of you will test your goals and agendas.
  • We are empathetic and provide focus, calm, and expertise.
  • We take pride in lifting the capability of our clients on their journey.
  • We are transparent, honest, and independent.
  • We foster a culture of respect, curiosity, and aspiration.


At Human First Works, we provide custom coaching programs with skill and clarity of purpose, fostering a culture of respect, curiosity, and aspiration. We can do this because we have built and refined multiple tools from best practices we’ve discovered through observation or learning from experts. These tools and approaches can be adapted to the unique requirements of each company and its teams. We find being flexible yet directed supports clients well, from needs discovery and stakeholder buy-in to multiple business transformation projects. We are transparent in how we spend our time, the support we provide, and our costs.

Our favorite clients are companies that have 20-200 employees, are not-for-profits, B-Corps, or are founder or employee-owned, have leadership that cares deeply about their people, and have a mission to improve the world. We focus on helping grow socially responsible organizations and leadership that works to develop high-performing, sustainable workplaces that benefit all stakeholders, which includes employees and founders, investors, customers, and vendors.

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