Our Approach

We take a systematic and transparent approach to consulting and coaching, adjusted to the specifics of the situation.
You know what to expect and when to expect it.

Here is how many of our engagements unfold:

Input: Ideas from us to you

We commit to:

  • Sharing tools, ideas, and our time.
  • Asking the right questions to help you focus on the issues that have the most impact.
  • Bringing new ideas to the table — like best practices, strategies for testing new approaches, or mini-experiments to try.
  • Challenging you to step up as the leader your organization needs.
  • Filling leadership gaps until you have the time or are ready.
  • Acting as a sounding board.

Output: What you will get from us

  • Productive, collaborative, and engaged teams.
  • Effective, satisfying meetings.
  • Executive and team alignment.
  • Individual and collective accountability.
  • Better decision-making.
  • Results-driven focus.
  • Experiments that catch fire and enliven the organization.
  • The space to be strategic and intentional.
We do engagements of various sizes. It’s common for us to be brought in to bring a solution for a very specific challenge, such as a Role Definition Process, many of which work consistently for most organizations. However, when we start working on something more bespoke, we typically follow this pattern:

Step 1

Discovery & Written Assessment

  • We partner with our clients to undertake a discovery of their entire business. Through this assessment, we work to fully understand the business challenges and then create a sustainable solution with you, while anticipating the impact the changes will have on all aspects of the company. 
  • Many of our clients find the assessment to be one of the most valuable things we do. They leverage the assessment for a variety of strategic business planning initiatives.

Step 2


  • No two people or businesses are alike. So, why would anyone want an “off-the-shelf” solution?
  • At Human First Works, we combine trusted frameworks and customize them for you and your company. We design a tailored program / project with you based on your needs – pulling the best people, ideas, IP, and methodology available.

Step 3


  • We launch our project / program with you. We provide a detailed overview of the entire process – complete with dates and milestones. We walk alongside you to ensure that your goals are being met through innovative solutions.

Step 4

Ongoing Support

  • We strongly believe in working in partnership with our clients. As your project / program progresses, we are there to answer questions and assist with stumbling blocks as they arise. We will be beside you dodging pitfalls and jumping hurdles, even bandaging your knees if you fall.
  • We will get you to YOUR destination by working together.

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