If I were building a different kind of organization, I would take this book on my journey and go back to it all the time.

Frederic Laloux

Author of Reinventing Organizations.


Are you a leader who knows something

different is possible?




“Business” no longer has to be considered a dirty word. This is 21st Century thinking, in which “scale” no longer means growing your business as

big as possible, but — like any living thing — as vibrant and vital as it can manifest.

Douglas Rushkoff

Named one of the “world’s ten most influential intellectuals” by MIT, Host of Team Human.



There’s a calling in the world for new century leadership. Many leaders live the values underlying this boldly collaborative way of being in

leadership. Yet, we still enact “old” ways of operating our businesses for lack of new, values-aligned patterns. This book provides those patterns,

along with the inner practices that allow them to work. 

Lyssa Adkins

Author of Coaching Agile Teams.



Lead Together shows us how — beyond the critical pairing of money and talent — to innovate the ways we work to be more human, purposeful, and

values-aligned. If you are a leader who, like me, dreams of scaling companies that are fun, inspiring, and contributing meaningfully to people,

planet, and healthy profits, this is the book for you.

Mike Winterfield

Founder and Managing Partner of Active Impact Investments.


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